The Catit Senses range is a group of products aimed at stimulating and entertaining your cat. The range forms a sort of playground with different toys to play with, each providing different textures, surfaces and sensations for your cat. Some of the products even allow you to add catnip to liven up your cat even more (assuming they’re the sort of cat that responds to catnip).

Catit Senses Play Circuit

One of the products is the Catit Senses Play Cicruit, a cat ball track much like the Bergan Turbo track. Made up of a series of hollow plastic tubes, the play circuit holds a ball that can roll up and down the inside of the tube. There are slits and gaps along the sides of the tubes which are just the right size for an inquisitive paw to poke through, allowing kitty to give a palyful swipe at the ball as it rolls past.

As with so many cat toys, how much fun the Catit Senses track will offer depends very much on how energetic or curious your cat is, but if you don’t try these things you’ll never know what your cats will think.

Both Arthur and Kitty took a little while to get used to it, as they didn’t immediately realise they could poke their paws into the tubes. In this respect the Bergan Turbo track is better, as it’s open-top track makes it easier to get at the ball.

However, with some gentle tuition Arthur and Kitty soon got to grips with it and they loved it. Arthur, being a lively fellow, would just go bonkers chasing the ball up and down the tube, bashing it from end to end. Kitty, on the other hand, likes to take a more thoughtful approach and she would give the ball a spirited whack and then wait for it to roll back to her.

They both seemed to get more enjoyment when the track was laid out in a single wavey line rather than in a circuit. This is helped by the end pieces which have a sharp incline that sends the ball rolling back in the direction it came from.

To see the Catit Senses track in action check out the video below. This isn’t Arthur or Kitty, just a video I found on Youtube, but it shows how much fun can be had .

One great way of enhancing the circuit is to add different ball toys. With Arthur and Kitty I found that adding a ball with a bell in it was particularly appealing. Either that or they just found it really annoying and wanted to stop the ringing, but either way they bashed away at the ringing ball more than they did the plain ones that came with the circuit.

The tubes are quite strong and can easily cope with the chewing and scratching of an eager cat. In fact there’s very little you can say against the Catit Senses Play Circuit, it does exactly what it says on the box and does it well.

I bought my Catit Senses circuit from Amazon for just $18.99 where I got their usual speedy delivery service.