A cat tree is a great toy for your cat as it serves two important functions. One is that it gives your cat something to climb and jump on, and the other is that it gives them something to sharpen their claws on instead of your nice, new sofa.

Cat Tree

A cat tree can take many forms, from a straightforward platform on a post to a ‘cat condo’ style maze of posts, platforms, boxes and ladders. The basic idea is that the cat has somewhere to jump onto, scratch and play on.

So what should you be looking for in a cat tree? Probably one of the most important hings is a nice wide base to make sure that it’s stable, otherwise when your crazy cat launches itself onto the top it’s likely to fall over. On the subject of stability, if you go for an enormous 6ft cat tree you may want to look at anchoring it to your wall, just in case it does topple over and injure you/your cat/young child/plasma-screen TV.

Some cat trees will come with toys already bolted on, but even if you get a basic tree you can just attach a spring or piece of string onto it and add a toy of your choice.

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