I’ve already looked at the SmartCat Peek and Play toy box and this is another quality item from the same company. Called the Tick Tock Teaser it uses the same lovely wooden construction but features a bit more variety in the toys on offer.

SmartCat Tick Tock Teaser

As you can it’s a vertical triangle and it features three fun kitty toys, all attached to a single pole that’s hinged in the middle. At one end is a wand with some tassles, at the other end is a stuffed mouse, and in the middle, partially obscured inside a hole, is a ball.

The pole works just like a musical metronome and moves back and forth on its axis. As kitty bashes a toy it will swing away and then bounce back again. Also, as one of the toys move so do the other two, giving kitty a choice of three moving targets to play with. Down the sides of the Tick Tock Teaser are additional holes, allowing kitty to wave her paws around inside to try and catch the moving toys.

It’s another nicely built toy from SmartCat, with nice smooth wood and no nasty edges. One thing I would recommend is loosening the fastening screws for the wand to let it move a little more freely, it’s got quite a stiff action straight out of the box.

Both of my cats played with this, although it has to be said that Arthur got a lot more fun out of it than Kitty did. But then Arthur does like bashing things while Kitty is more thoughtful!

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