The Frolicat Bolt is a must-have toy for the gadget-loving cat owner!

Frolicat Bolt Laser Cat Toy

Frolicat Bolt Laser Cat Toy

It’s a laser-based device that generates a red dot on a surface and proceeds to draw out random patterns. This will send even the laziest cat into a red-dot-chasing frenzy, giving him valuable exercise and you plenty of amusement.

The Frolicat can be programmed to run automatically, where it controls the pattern, or you can pick it up and direct the dot yourself much like you would with a laser pen. Whichever mode you choose the laser will shut down after 15 minutes so that don’t exhaust your excited kitty!

The Frolicat Bolt is really easy to use. Just load the batteries (it takes 4 AAs which are not included), press the power button on the top and the Frolicat then runs on its own for the full fifteen minutes. It makes a bit of a whirring noise as the laser moves around which is not so loud as to be annoying but is load enough to tell your cat that the machine is on and it’s playtime!

I found the best place to put the Frolicat was high up on a shelf or table with the mirror directing the beam downwards. This reduced the chance of the cats blocking the beam and losing the dot, and also made it less likely that the cat looked directly into the beam.

One advantage of the Frolicat Bolt over other cat toys is that the cat doesn’t play with the toy itself, just the laser dot. This means the Bolt doesn’t get bitten/scratched/bashed as other toys can do, so as long as the electricals remain reliable it should give your kitty plenty of entertainment for many years to come.

The Frolicat Bolt is available to buy from Amazon and other pet toy retailers.