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Cat Beds

Cat Beds

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Everyone needs a good bed, and cats are no different. There are a number of reasons why you should get a cat bed specifically for your furry friend and it’s not all about making them comfortable.

Cat Igloo

Cats tend to seek out warm and cosy spots, and one of the first places they will look is in your bed. While it may seem cute to share your bed with your cat it can be a problem if you have any allergy problems. It’s also not so cute when you’re woken up in the middle of the night by a strange furry lump jumping onto your stomach.

There is the problem of unwanted hair and, even worse, little visitors. While cats tend to be clean animals they will always leave fur behind wherever they sleep and over time this can accumulate into quite a pile, and no matter how careful you are about fleas there is always a chance that some might be hitching a ride on your cat. If there are any on-board when your cat sleeps on your bed the little critters may be tempted to jump off and snack on you, and then settle down in your nice warm bed. You’ll have similar problems if your cat decides to sleep on your best furniture or on your nice, clean washing.

Giving your cat a bed of its own means that it has somewhere to go to for peace and quiet and will help it feel more secure in the home. If you can find them a nice warm spot away from the hustle and bustle of the home they’ll appreciate it even more. It also means you will be able to control the cat fur and any infestation problems more easily.

If you’re thinking of a cat bed as just a circular piece of padded material, you may be surprised at just how much choice there is. For a start you can get beds with heated pads or gel padding, and these are especially good for cats with mobility problems. Other beds can be bought as part of a set of furniture which might include the bed, a scratching post and some attached toys.

A cheaper alternative to a heated bed is a ‘radiator bed’ that hangs off your radiator. This give your cat somewhere warm to sleep and a perch off the ground. The only downside to these beds is that they require a jump to get into, so if your cat is getting unsteady on their feet this might not be the best choice.

Even ‘plain’ cat beds can be quite imaginative, from just a simple cushion to mushroom-shaped houses and fur-lined igloos. You should be able to buy them in a variety of sizes and colours, from neutral shades through to wild and wacky designs.

Getting your cat a bed of their own is one of best things you can do.

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