Cat Santa Hats Bring Festive Cheer

If there’s one thing that’s hard to resist at Christmas time, it’s dressing up your cat in a lovely Santa hat. I’ve done it so many times now and the novelty still doesn’t wear off, the little...

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Catit Senses Play Circuit

The Catit Senses range is a group of products aimed at stimulating and entertaining your cat. The range forms a sort of playground with different toys to play with, each providing different textures, surfaces and sensations for...

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SmartCat Tick Tock Teaser

I’ve already looked at the SmartCat Peek and Play toy box and this is another quality item from the same company. Called the Tick Tock Teaser it uses the same lovely wooden construction but features a bit more variety in...

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SmartCat Peek And Play Toy Box

Cats love sticking their paws in holes, and the Smartcat Toy Box has got lots of them to choose from! It’s essentially a wooden box with holes cut into it, into which you can drop balls, treats, pom-poms … anything...

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Cat Harness

When you live in a crowded city you don’t want to worry about what might happen to your cat if you let it out to play. With so many dangers out there, including other cats, cars and stray dogs, you’d be forgiven for...

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Frolicat Bolt Score 85%

Frolicat Bolt

The Frolicat Bolt is a must-have toy for the gadget-loving cat owner! It’s a laser-based...

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Cat Trees

A cat tree is a great toy for your cat as it serves two important functions. One is that it gives your cat something to climb and jump on, and the other is that it gives them something to sharpen their claws on instead of your...

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Cat Collar

A cat collar is a must if you want your kitty to stand out from the crowd. Coloured, furry, diamond-encrusted – almost anything is possible. Just choose the collar that matches your cat’s character, or just get them...

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Bergan Turbo Track Cat Toy

The Bergan Turbo Track Cat Toy is a fantastic way of keeping your cat entertained. It’s a simple idea – take a track and drop a ball into it, and then let your cat knock the ball around the track for as long as it...

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Cat Ball Toys

Cat ball toys are so simple yet so much fun. Even just scrunching up a bit of kitchen foil can give your kitten lots of entertainment, but sometimes you and your kitten may want just a bit more. Ball toys for cats can vary in...

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